About Me



fashion-magazine-moditaliaI am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and have lived in Florence since 1973. As a girl I was always fascinated by fashion, elegance and the world of modeling. I would design my own clothes and have my mother sew them for me. As a teenager I did a modelling course which allowed me to launch myself as a model and begin earning money while I was studying in college.

While I was majoring in music and opera at the University of North Carolina School of Arts, the orchestra and opera department decided to organize a summer session abroad in Siena and Florence and I ended up staying to study with a voice teacher. I had to maintain my studies and even though I had done only small time modelling in the States, it was enough to give me the confidence to market myself as a model, so I tried it out in Italy.

Very quickly I became well known and I had a long, successful and wonderful career as a top model doing fashion shoots, runway modeling in Italy and throughout Europe, and quite a bit of photographic and T.V. advertizing, too.


I left tsalvatore-ferragamo-florencehe studios and runways in 1981 and, together with a Milanese partner, began the first modelling agency in Florence, Eva e Adamo, which still exists today. The agency was a big success and flourished! I taught girls comportment and runway modelling. I organized photographic tests to start off their books, and scouted for new faces in the States and Europe.

In 1988 I stopped to start a family. 3 years after my first child was born I got into cosmetics. I had many make-up artists do my make-up but I learned to do my own make-up as well.

I studied the Bernice Ketner Method of Color Analysis and became a certified analyst. I began a cosmetic marketing and wellness business and, although I had already had much experience in make-up application from my modelling career, I took further lessons and began teaching skincare and make-up application. Since then I have studied and taught Facial Gymnastics and facial massage.


dianne-carriker-make-up-artist-florenceSo many women came to me, and many thanked me for having “changed their lives” , that I began to work with women and make-up on a much deeper level. I started doing talks and demos and my lessons became much more geared towards personal lifestyle and personal growth. Women started leaving my studio “feeling good” and that became my goal.

Since 2004 I have enjoyed an entirely new area of make-up. What a fantastic discovery, sharing my cosmetic artistry with a woman on one of the most beautiful days in her life, her wedding day!

My fashion experience allows me to offer a different perspective on make-up and to explore stimulating ideas for innovative services, and my work with personal growth and awareness allows me to offer ways to inform and empower women.