skin-care-beauty-3skin-care-beauty-2Choose among 3 refreshing and relaxing experiences personalized for you and your skin and enjoy the pleasure of being yourself…….

Learning how to care for your skin is a gift you give yourself that will last for a lifetime. You might like to leave your imprint in life, but not on your pillow! You can wash your pillowcase but you cannot wash off your face.

skin-care-beauty-5skin-care-beauty-4Too often people think there’s plenty of time before they need to start taking care of their skin: not so true. The earlier you start, the younger your skin will seem and the later the wrinkles will appear. Needless to say, you will be happier.

I will teach you how to become aware of your skin type and the way it reacts to aging and how to go cosmetic shopping knowing exactly which creams are right for your skin. You want products that produce results…….. without wasting your money.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever looked at someone’s make-up and wondered, “How does she do that so well”? So many women would like to wear make-up but have never really learned how to apply it. Make-up is not supposed to be a mask. It can be downright natural and captivating.

Video tutorials are helpful but nothing can take the place of a private lesson catered to your own specific needs.Learning how to apply make-up is very simple but not to be taken for granted, especially when we’re talking about finding your “true colors”.

how-to-make-up-8how-to-make-up-9Your are unique! Nobody else in this world is like you and you want to create your own personal style that expresses your special essence. The way you look, the way you dress, the colors you wear, outwardly express how you think and feel about yourself.


over-40-make-up-15 over-40-make-up-14If you’re over 40, enjoy my special “Over 40‘s” lessons. I find that as my birthdays become higher numbers, I enjoy my life more and it is even more exciting than ever. When you hit your 40‘s, your body chemistry changes and so does your skin and what kind of special products you need to care for it.

over-40-make-up-13over-40-make-up-12If you’re thinking young and enjoying an active lifestyle or are still enjoying a challenging career, then it may be a time in your life that you need (and want) to change, not only your hair and wardrobe, but the way you make-up and how you apply it.

In a skincare and make-up lesson you’ll learn all these things and more!